It started out so small and innocent

It was just a simple post on my blog that has turned into a nightmare (the good kind.)

Welcome to SpiderFest 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The first spider

of the season.

Look at what Mr. Chicken has created for SpiderFEST 2010.

He is awesome in pictures......I cannot imagine how mean fantastic he will be in person.

He has got that whole Alice thing going on....creepy....I am so excited!  

Wait.....look at all those teeth!!!  Did it have to have so many teeth?!?!?!?

Thanks Mr. Chicken!!!  You are the best!  Made my day!

Head on over there and check out all the great pictures.


  1. yeah...I got really good at rolling pointy teeth...

    Glad you like it! I'm excited for you to get it!

  2. LOVE this spider.

    Man, your tree is going to look awesome.

    So many many eyes.

  3. Wow! that spider is way too cool! love it! can't wait to see more
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  4. Very cool indeed! Not at all a style I expected to see....I can see this is going to be super fun!