It started out so small and innocent

It was just a simple post on my blog that has turned into a nightmare (the good kind.)

Welcome to SpiderFest 2010.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's ask the frog queen

a few things about this project. (I just love talking about myself in the third person.)

1.  Size limit?

No, not really, has to hang from a 30 foot willow tree - so a big as the branch can bare.  In case anyone is thinking of scaring the living sh*t out of me with a HUGE spider, I will save you some time.  Found Eight-Legged Freaks fine to watch, spiders were too big to be real, didn't bother me at all.

2. How long will they be up?

I am thinking of setting them up after our display goes up on the first weekend in October, so I was thinking of setting this up the day before Halloween, Saturday October 30 and leaving them up until November 6th when we take down the rest of the display.  I could also set them up as they come in, and we could sort of watch it grow.  Let me know your thoughts.

3. Does it really rain that much in the Northwest?

It rains a lot, that is why it is lovely and green.  We usually do okay in October...but I cannot guarantee that it will be dry.  If it is really rainy I can try to cover delicate props in plastic.

4. Can anyone participate?

Yes, you do not need to follow any of my entertaining and amusing blogs or even know of the Davis Graveyard....if you send me a spider I will hang it from the tree.

5.  Can I send more than one?

Seriously, more than one.....what?  You are crazy...just for asking.  But the answer is yes, I will hang as many as you send.

6.  What about real spiders?

If you send me a real spider, dead or living.  I will send you back a box of me, you don't want a fairy infestation.  No one wants that.  Seriously though, I am a softy when it comes to living creatures (including spiders).  Please do not kill anything - including spiders for this display.  Please and thank you.

7.  Wait a minute, this looks like a cunning plan to get people to send you free props?  What's up?

It is not.  If I was going to have you make me props.....the LAST thing I would ask for is spiders! :D

On that note, anyone that wants their spider back, I will send it back to you.  Less spiders at my house the better....real or fake.  Just let me know when you send it to me and I will make a note of it.  I will be in the UK most of November, and then the holidays, do I likely will not get to mail them back until January.

That said, I want you to know that I will do everything I can to make sure that nothing happens to your spiders - but they will be outside for a week and hanging in a tree.  Damage or destruction is possible, don't send me anything that you cannot part with.  To quote the genius that is Joss Wedon from the Serenity movie when Mal is talking to the doctor about taking River on a mission.  "I will do everything in my power to keep your (sister) spider out of harms way.  If something happens to (her) your spider, I will be very choked up about it, seriously, there could be tears."  (I likely did not quote that exactly.)

I was thinking there has got to be some kind of charity thing we can do with all the spiders?  Maybe sell them on Etsy or eBay for charity.  Not sure yet, very open to suggestions.

That is it for round one of the question an answer segment of this show.....check back tomorrow when we talk to the frog queen how she feels about zombie spiders.


  1. What a cool idea!
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  2. I wish I had some artistic talent, I'd make some spiders. The word for the captcha on my comment is UNDEDI. LOL

  3. So, do you have power available out there? I was thinking of making something that moves...just a thought...

  4. I think it would be really cool to put them out little by little and have a daily picture on the blog of the infestation.

    P.S. bonus points for the Whedon reference ;)