It started out so small and innocent

It was just a simple post on my blog that has turned into a nightmare (the good kind.)

Welcome to SpiderFest 2010.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wait a minute

before we answer more questions.....are those spiders in the background of this blog....Guy is really trying to kill me....and I thought he was my friend :D

So frog queen...

1.  Are there any taboo spiders?  Something we can't do?

No, eight legs lots of eyes....spider looking thing....all good.  I learned a long time ago to not put limits on creative thinking. 

2.  I am an over achiever and want the spider to move! Can I get some power?

Really, you want to make something that MOVES?!?! Really? Moves?!?!  Holy crap! Wow, that is a....a...scary, I mean, kind of you. I can't hardly wait to see that...from a distance :D  Sure, I can get power out to the tree, I will find a way.

3.  How are you hanging them?

We can provide a heavy gage fishing line or wire or you can attach a something to your spider.   If you do not send someway to hang it....please keep in mind in your design that we will need someplace to tie some kind of line to your prop and then hang it from the tree.

4. This whole thing is based on a nursery rhyme?  Why?

Cause it is a freakin' scary nursery rhyme!  And it the idea that came into my head...I could explain how it got there....but I am not sure I even know how my mind works.

5. I can't remember, how does the nursery rhyme go?

Little Miss Muffet
sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey
along came a spider
sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffet away

Is that not he scariest nursery rhyme ever?

Our version with rewrite the last three lines:

"along came (insert number of spiders here)
sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffet to death

I like that ours better :)

6. What about zombie spiders?

The thought of a zombie spider is horrifying....and undead spider that wants to eat my brain.  Yeah, that is just not good on so many levels. 

Good thing they don't exist, right?  Right? ((frog queen looks around her office nervously))


  1. While reading the rhyme...a silly thought popped into my head....what if it were Miss Muffet scareing the spider away? Mr Spider sitting there minding his own business, sucking the life out of a butterfly, when a particulary nasty little girl comes up and tries to attack him in some fashion....not a suggestion, just a random musing that took hold of me... :)

  2. LOL! That is a great idea.....hum, let me think about it :)

  3. You could think of it as you getting the upper hand on all those spiders that have bothered you in the past....:)