It started out so small and innocent

It was just a simple post on my blog that has turned into a nightmare (the good kind.)

Welcome to SpiderFest 2010.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It used to be when

someone saw a frog thing on the Internet or saw a frog in store, they would send me a little message telling me about it.

I don't get those I get spiders.  Something is wrong in the universe.

Anyway, thanks to Johnny Thunder for sending me this very funny post about a guy who blew himself up trying to kill a spider.  Granted, if the spider in the picture was the spider in question.....I would have moved.

I think I will stick to catching them a putting them outside...or calling husband to "get the monster".

Remember boys and girls safety first!


  1. Oh....well if you are going to call hubby at least supervise him so he doesn't do the same things...

    Two things struck my giggle bone on this one...

    "There was an almighty explosion ....." Ya gotta love the brits, I've never heard that term used for an explosion.

    And the second one... "We're not entirely sure whether the spider got away or not but there was no sign of it at the scene."

    So does that mean the police report has the spider listed as leaving the scene of the accident? Is there an APB out on him? A wanted poster in the post office?? I'd want some proof that that sucker was definately me spider ashes!!

    Sirry boring day here at

  2. LOL! I agree, with a spider like that, I would need proof too! :D


  3. this is definitely something i could see happening to me. and yes, i too would move.

  4. Regarding links, don't ever search "spiders" on Google Images. The second picture is a disgusting shot of an infected spider bite. The image does not come up if you search "spider."

    The things I went through to design a spider for this thing (now I just need to, you know, build it). So many surprise spider bite photos.