It started out so small and innocent

It was just a simple post on my blog that has turned into a nightmare (the good kind.)

Welcome to SpiderFest 2010.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I could use some suggestions

for Little Miss Muffet

I am using a Bart skeleton in a terribly fluffy, frilly dress that will almost be as terrifying to me as the spiders....but that is not why I called you her today.

I have a wig, and I am going to put a ribbon and bow in her hair and sit her on the far I am good. We will also have "Spider Dan" web the holy living crap out of the tree and her!! 

I need to make a bowl of curds and whey - which sounds awfully appetizing....anyone have any suggestions...ones that don't involve great stuff :D  Just kidding, I am learning to love appreciate great stuff....slowly...very slowly. 

How about we look at it this way....why don't we make it a challenge to make it without great stuff....lets think outside the pumpkin for a few moments.

But if great stuff is the answer......I can deal with the last time :D

And I want to make her look dusty - like she has been there for a while.  I want to coat her, including her hair and the bench around her. 

Now I realize in the rain this is not going to be easy or possible. 

But let us dispel reality for a moment and pretend that it might be dry outside.....I was thinking Christmas tree flocking.....lightly sprayed and painted gray....or baby power (or a combination)......I be there is "dust" that I can buy at some effects store......I bet there is.....

Well, if anyone has any suggestions for those two effects, I would really appreciate it.


  1. I once made a giant faux bowl of cottage cheese for a kid's show which is almost the same thing.
    First I made a false bottom just below the lip of bowl, this allowed it to look full without having to fill the whole thing. Then in a bucket I made a thick pulp out of foam beads (used for doll stuffing), clear acrylic coating (polycrylic) and a few drops of ivory colored craft paint. Once mixed,I just scooped it into the bowl. From there I just added a few blobs of the pulp where needed to give it character. Turned out pretty good. Took about a day to dry. I'll send pics of the old prop I made if I can find.

  2. Thanks Dave. That sounds perfect!! I would love pics if you can find them.

    Thanks again.


  3. I was thinking the same thing...some crumbled up white styrofoam (leftover packaging) and mixing it with white glue...would look cottage cheese far as dust there is a good thread on HauntForum... Quickcrete and misting with water idea sounds promising...good luck!

  4. I was thinking along the lines of what Dave said.
    false bottom, but maybe a papier mache pulp. That celluclay looks pretty curd-and-whey-ish if you just kind of glop it on and mess it up a little bit. Give it an off-white base coat and a darker wash and you should be set.

  5. The Quickcrete dust idea brilliant, going to try plus fix a cracked sidewalk problem I have at the same time!