It started out so small and innocent

It was just a simple post on my blog that has turned into a nightmare (the good kind.)

Welcome to SpiderFest 2010.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They came in pairs.....


The very nice and super talented Dave from the site has sent me not one....but two spiders.

I have to apologize to him that he sent me pictures of his work in progress before they shipped....but I got distracted with the whirlwind going on around here.

I love is my favorite color so this red and "yellow kneed" spider is just perfect.

Then you can imagine my delight when I opened the box to find two spiders and the other being a "pirate" spider....the crew loves it. I has great details, so I snapped a few pictures.

I so want to apologize to Dave for getting this on the site so late. Thank you man, they are both awesome!

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